Generally, secondary schools have higher energy costs than primary schools, because they have longer hours and greater numbers of students, as well as more widespread use of electrical equipment in ICT, science, sports and crafts lessons. That’s why it’s even more important for STEM to produce tangible savings across all departments.

Independent schools with boarders face additional energy consumption 24/7 and have a greater emphasis on controlling costs to remain competitive. STEM has the flexibility to work in this sector and provide great results.

Energy use in schools is escalating due to the various electricity demands. Moreover, school buildings are now being used for community purposes,increasing occupancy hours and use
of facilities.

[Source: Carbon Trust 2012]


For secondary school/academy students science, energy and environmental issues are an essential part of their continuing studies.

Using the STEM dashboard allows staff and students to view live energy consumption and discuss solutions as part of a wider curriculum. The end benefit is that it provides practical learning and real-life applications with the added advantage of promoting a culture of energy awareness among pupils at school, at home and in their future energy decisions.

Cura also provide a range of interactive services including pupil talks and materials.