With STEM we’re not just about delivering savings on your energy budget. We’re about giving you the tools to empower every single person to learn how reducing energy consumption can conserve resources and minimise the impact on our environment, in addition to the added benefit of imparting energy saving messages at home to the family. Of course the benefits are felt not just today but for years and decades to come.

Getting students involved in energy efficiency can be fun and enrich their studies. It can also raise awareness and give them
lifelong skills.

[Source: Carbon Trust 2012]


STEM provides an eye-catching state of the art dashboard that gives a complete and detailed overview of energy consumption and data throughout all your buildings and departments.
It is simple for staff and students to access and understand and offers graphs and graphics in real time that can also assist in mathematics and science lessons.

Pupils can interrogate live consumption data to gain a better understanding of their energy use and develop a heightened awareness of their impact on the environment. Visual information like this, together with recommended steps, will help the school become more energy efficient. Cura also provide a range of interactive services including pupil talks and materials.