Having installed and implemented your energy saving system, we provide a range of extra services for students and staff that are designed to spread the word about energy conservation.

STEM is more than just an energy saving tool… it is a commitment to all of our futures


We offer a full range of training for staff as well as talks and open discussions with pupils at all levels – all you have to do is ask.

What’s more, for Primary Schools/Academies we provide a complete interactive pack that contains our special “energy owl” t-shirts that can be awarded to star energy pupils

We also have a range of certificates and other materials that can be used for awards.

We are developing a whole programme of future challenges, competitions and awards to keep energy savings “top of the class.”

STEM doesn’t stop there! We’re already looking to the next generation to see what other energy saving devices may be possible.

Contact us today for your free onsite consultation to see how STEM can help reduce your school energy costs!

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