Centrum Plus

Project Details

Client: Centrum Plus


The Background

TSB continually maintain and expand their Branch network within the high street and urban areas. Their location provides its own unique challenges with regards to programming, maintaining their operating state and plant upgrades.

New and existing Branches require a simple control strategy to be installed to assist in achieving optimum performance.

The Cura Energy Approach

The TSB Greenhithe Branch incorporates packaged ventilation and A/C equipment together with MODBUS electric meters which requires controlling and monitoring both locally in Branch and remotely by a third party.

The BeMS specified for the project was an RDM (Resource Data Management) solution due to its capability in providing the Client with cost effective data integration and hardware together with user friendly software.

As part of our contracted works we designed, manufactured and installed a new control panel which housed the BeMS controllers and communication equipment. Our skilled Commissioning Engineer created bespoke software and graphics and commissioned the system to ensure integration was successful. For local system access an RDM Data Manager Touch Screen was installed on the control panel fascia including a 4G connection for remote access

The Result

The adaptability and versatility of the RDM controller allowed us to incorporate the multiple Branch systems into one point of control and monitoring. The simplicity of this control strategy allows the Branch to operate within its parameters without effecting operational performance of the building.