Tesco Project Heart - New Head Office


Project Details

Client: Tesco

Task: BEMS Supply, Install & Commission

The Background

The Heart Building is an innovative staff well-being and quality assessment centre to encourage interaction, collaboration and creativity at the heart of Tesco’s head office campus in Welwyn Garden City.

At the core of the building is a dramatic central atrium offering a flexible, communal, internal ‘street’ area where staff and visitors can network on a daily basis and serves as a space for events and presentations. The building also incorporates the Tesco Academy, an event space and a state-of-the-art gym.

The Cura Energy Approach

Cura Energy assessed the building design and equipment against the design specification and selected Siemens Desigo PX BeMS to integrate the diverse plant and equipment into a fully functional building through BACnet and MODBUS integration for the AC, AHUs, Natural Ventilation and Metering.

We designed and provided two main BeMS control panels split across the two Mezzanine Plantrooms to provide monitoring and control for over 400+ BeMS points. BACnet integration is provided for the 200+ Daikin AC data points direct into the Siemens PX without the need for additional BACNET integration devices.

We developed and provided a central PC Supervisor with Siemens Desigo CC graphics to provide a PC graphical representation of the Heart building for monitoring and control from the Facilities Office allowing the engineers to respond to the needs of the occupants quickly and efficiently.

The Result

The Heart Building operates to non-standard hours with many functions requiring full or partial building operation late into the night. The BeMS delivers on this by offering a user friendly and flexible system controlled and managed from a central location.

The building truly is the heart of the Tesco campus and acts as a focal point for all staff and visitors. Thanks to the buildings control and design, it can adapt to the ever-changing needs and requirements of its occupants.