UK Schools & Academies

Project Details

Client: UK Schools & Academies

Task: Reduction of Energy Consumption

The Background

The total annual energy consumption of the UK education sector today is a staggering 11,378 million kWh of energy, equivalent to 25% of the total public sector energy costs. According to the Audit Commission the total potential of cost savings across the sector could easily be 20%, which is equivalent to £80 million per year or even double that if an action plan is in place. Savings that can be maintained year on year.

The Cura Energy Approach

STEM ('Schools Total Energy Management'] is a groundbreaking system designed by Cura Energy to help all types of schools and academies to monitor and adapt their energy usage to make essential savings; whilst at the same time engaging and educating pupils and teachers on the benefits of energy and CO2 reductions.

When dealing with schools and academies we like to point out that STEM can be integrated with or replace their current systems with ease, including monitoring any energy savings methods they may have already installed such as renewables, Solar PV ‘s and ground source heating. Even if they are already monitoring their main utilities, we can still add extra value.

The Result

Using a unique eye-catching state of the art dashboard system, STEM allows both teachers and pupils to see all aspects of energy use throughout the school, in real-time. Individual buildings and classrooms can be monitored. With this information they can drill down into the detail to reveal patterns of use, highlight areas of waste and importantly identify potential efficiencies.