Building Energy Management System


Project Details

Client: Sainsbury's

Task: Building Management

The Background

Sainsbury's new store at Fulham Wharf was part of a mixed-use development with a central Energy Centre. The heat for the store was provided by the central Energy Centre via twin plate heat exchangers.

Sainsbury's required a Building Management System (BMS) to control the store HVAC utilising this heat source and to interface with their lighting and refrigeration systems.

The Cura Energy Approach

The BMS system was designed in line with Sainsbury's specification incorporating the non-standard Energy Centre. Our detailed design work for Control Panels, Electrical Installation, Software Engineering and Commissioning was put into place ready for the site start date.

The installation was carried out with full co-ordination across the other services to ensure our site installation and commissioning was carried out successfully.

The Result

All the newly installed systems were installed and performed to specification. Client witnessing was carried out to ensure the system was handed over snag free and performing to the original specification.