Riverwell Woodlands

TUCKER M&E Building Services

Project Details

Client: TUCKER M&E Building Services

Task: Building Energy Management System

The Background

Riverwell Woodlands is the first stage of a regeneration project centered around the River Colne in Watford and is a new mixed-use development providing apartments, public facilities & retail outlets. It is part of the wider Riverwell development set to take place over the coming years

The Cura Energy Approach

Riverwell Woodlands comprises of a central Energy Centre which provides hot water and services to three residential blocks.
The Energy Centre generates its hot water via gas fired boilers and a thermal store which we control to maximise on energy efficiency whilst coping with the individual demands of each of the three residential blocks.

Each of the three blocks rely on the heat generated by the Energy Centre so it is crucial the systems were linked together to minimise on energy usage. We designed and provided three BeMS control panels located in the main Energy Centre and within the two residential blocks and linked them together via their own dedicated IP network.

Careful consideration was given to the BeMS selection for the project based on cost, functionality and expandability for future phases. As a result, the Priva BeMS controllers were selected due to their ease of integration to other system (MODBUS & MBus), their cost effectiveness and also their ease of installation and scalability. The BeMS at Riverwell Woodlands monitors and controls over 200+ BeMS data points with additional points easily added for subsequent phases.

We provided a user-friendly touchscreen display panel located on the Energy Centre Control Panel for local access to the system and remote access is available via any internet enabled device.

The Result

As the Woodlands development is the first Phase of the overall Riverwell development in Watford, the Design Consultant was keen to understand the setup and efficiency from the Woodland BeMS to use as a basis for actual real time data for future phases of the development.

This enables real time data and usage to be monitored and understood to make sure the plant and equipment being proposed on future phases are not over-sized and result in a waste valuable energy resource.