Harrow Square

Woodford Heating and Energy

Project Details

Client: Woodford Heating and Energy

Task: BEMS Supply, install and commission

The Background

Harrow Square is a new mixed-use development providing apartments, a public library, retail and a new public square.

The development includes the tallest building in the London Borough of Harrow and sets a benchmark for high-quality contemporary design.

The Cura Energy Approach

Harrow Square comprises of a central Energy Centre which provides hot water and services to all four residential blocks.

The Energy Centre generates its hot water via a central Combined Heat and Power Unit and gas fired Boilers which we control to maximise on energy efficiency to cope with the individual demands of each of the six student accommodation blocks. Each of the four apartment blocks draw their resources from the Energy Centre so it is crucial the systems were linked together to minimise on energy usage.

Cura Energy designed and supplied five BeMS control panels located in the main Energy Centre and within the four apartment blocks and linked them together via their own dedicated IP network. Trend IQ4E BMS controllers were specified by the Design Consultants and utilised by Cura Energy for the monitoring and control of over 300+ BMS data points. A central Supervisor with Trend IQVISION graphics provides monitoring and control from the Concierge Desk allowing him to respond to the needs of the residents.

The Result

The buildings whilst being independent entities are linked by their shared requirement for the central energy resource. This is managed efficiently and seamlessly using the Trend IQ4E BeMS controllers and PC Supervisor allowing the residents to benefit from the renewable energy initiative applied and assisting in a reduction of energy bills.