Ground Source Heat Pump Metering


Project Details

Client: Sainsbury's

Task: Nationwide Ground Source Heat Pump Metering

The Background

Sainsbury’s had installed a number of Ground Source Heat Pump schemes (GSHP) across their estate which required sub metering installed for compliance.

The sub-metering required included heat meters and electricity metering.

Sainsbury's engaged Cura Energy to develop and provide the metering strategy for the GSHP and site delivery of the metering systems.

The Cura Energy Approach

Cura engaged with Sainsbury’s and the GSHP suppliers to understand the specific requirements.

Once the metering requirements were identified, the correct metering equipment was specified by Cura for approval prior to installation.

The Result

The metering was installed successfully at site level with the energy data validated remotely via the Cura data analysts.

The project was successfully completed within programme and budget.