Food Retailer Energy Monitoring Interface

Large Food Retailer

Project Details

Client: Large Food Retailer

Task: Energy Monitoring Interface Solution

The Background

The project was aimed at 601 sites across the Estate with existing energy monitoring infrastructure installed. Data from the existing energy sub-meters was being collected via third-party data logging devices at each site which allowed only ‘day minus one’ data to be viewed via the third party’s web platform. The Client required second-by-second access to live energy data to participate in the Fast Frequency Response (FFR) scheme, which the existing third-party devices could not support. Cura Energy were approached by the Client to propose a replacement energy monitoring interface that would meet the Client’s new requirements.

Cura Energy designed, manufactured, installed and project managed from conception to completion.

The Cura Energy Approach

A concept was developed by Cura Energy which consisted of a Panel with specific components in order to achieve the following set criteria and to ensure the successful communication with a variety of different sub-meter types.

  • Direct visibility of existing energy sub-metering rather than via a third-party platform.
  • Live second-by-second data access rather than ‘day minus one’ data.
  • Compatibility with the Client’s existing energy sub-metering and with the Client’s own IT infrastructure.
  • The ability for there to be a phased switchover from the existing third-party data logging devices to
    Cura Energy’s new proposed solution.

The Result

Successful rollout across the Client’s estate with the installation of 707 Energy Interface Panels.

Ahead of programme, on budget and no operational impact.

An Energy Monitoring Interface operating alongside the existing energy data logging devices at the Client’s sites, pending the switchover. Proven to have the potential to be deployed in any situation where a Client wishes to access sub-meter data via Ethernet. This applies is both new energy monitoring installations and can be retrofitted in situations where existing sub-metering is to be re-utilised.