DWP St. Austell BeMS Upgrade

DWP St. Austell

Project Details

Client: DWP St. Austell

Task: BeMS Upgrade

The Background

Cura Energy were engaged to carry out an upgrade of the existing Building Energy Management System at DWP St. Austell. A previous BEMS Dilapidation Report carried out by Cura Energy had highlighted the existing BEMS (Satchwell) was obsolete and the building was experiencing poor heating/cooling control in Winter & Summer as a result.

The Cura Energy Approach

After analysing the BEMS Dilapidation Report, we established the best BMS Controller and network to suit the existing infrastructure. A LAN version of the Trend IQ4E controller was selected to allow the existing network cabling to be reused, thus minimising disruption and plant downtime

The three new control panels were designed with the existing main incoming power supply, cabling and containment in mind to allow for ease of replacement. The survey had also identified the access to the Plantrooms was limited so our design had to factor this in. As a result, the new control panels were and delivered in two sections (power/control) to aid manoeuvrability and installation and reassembled on site.

Our BEMS upgrade re-used the existing electrical installation to avoid tenant disruption and was completed within a 2 week period on site. This was achieved thanks to thorough pre-planning and procurement to minimise the changeover period.

The Result

The Air Handling Equipment serving the floors are now operating correctly with energy focused software ensuring the central LTHW & CHW Plant is only now started when required. The new setup ensures the comfort conditions within the building are greatly improved whilst being at its most energy efficient.