DWP Job Centre+

Centrum Plus

Project Details

Client: Centrum Plus

Task: BeMS Upgrade

The Background

The existing nationwide DWP infrastructure of Job Centre + requires a constant and rigorous maintenance and plant upgrade regime to ensure the facilities are kept in top condition providing a first-class environment to work in and visit.

Their location in mostly urban and town centre structures provides its own unique challenges with regards to programming, maintaining their operating state and plant upgrade.

The Cura Energy Approach

The Job Centre + buildings comprise of a main Control Panel located with the Boiler Plantroom to control the LTHW Plant to provide heating via a VT circuit to the occupied space. AHUs also provide tempered fresh air into the space for comfort.

Each building is individually assessed by Cura Energy to establish a BeMS scope of works focusing on specific operational requirements. Any existing plant or equipment that can be retained and reutilised is designed into the new scheme where possible to ensure that DWP are provided with the most cost-effective solution.

Cura Energy will either replace the main Boiler Control Panel or refurbish it to incorporate the new mechanical equipment being installed. When a site is considered for upgrade Trend IQ4E BeMS Controls are specified by DWP and are utilised for majority of sites. System access is provided by an IQVIEW8 Touchscreen Display on the control panel facia.

The existing electrical installation is tested and assessed and replaced where necessary.

The Result

Throughout the duration of the upgrade works, the primary focus is maintaining the building environment for occupants and visitors. This is achieved by careful planning and programming of system changeovers and co-ordination with other trades.

A good sign is the building occupants do not even realise we have been there!