Building Energy Management System

Royal Opera House

Project Details

Client: Royal Opera House

Task: BeMS

The Background

The Royal Opera House required a new facility for off-site storage of costumes and equipment. Due to the nature of the building contents, the environment was required to be controlled to an exacting specification for temperature and humidity to prevent damage to the costumeswithinstalledsystems including ground source heat pumps, underfloor heating, natural ventilation, packaged air handling units and energy metering.

The Cura Energy Approach

The BMS system was designed in line with the consultants’ specification and included the integration of several third party packaged control systems to provide a fully integrated solution. This involved liaising with each of the separate manufacturers to understand their systems to allow the BMS to communicate with them seamlessly.

The overall solution incorporated and controlled all the buildings HVAC and Energy Monitoring systems via a central BMS. The GSHPs were used as the primary source of heating for the building with a backup boiler plant. The site installation was carried out with full co-ordination across the other services to ensure our site installation and commissioning was carried out successfully

The Result

All the newly installed systems were installed and performed to specification. Client witnessing was carried out to ensure the system was handed over snag free and performing to the original specification.

Due to the stringent conditions being maintained within the building,the BMS was set up with long term data logging to allow monitoring of the building's performance