Various Clients

Project Details

Client: Various Clients

Task: Energy Consultancy

The Background

As a solutions business Cura Energy provides our clients with a variety of services. One of which is our Energy Consultancy that is proving to be extremely popular and productive.

Clients approach us to come and sit with their existing energy team and brainstorm ideas of how they could save energy and tackle behavioral change within their business. This results in a dialogue to understand their business plan, energy targets and their vision for the upcoming years; and where they want, and in some cases need to be.

The Cura Energy Approach

Firstly and most importantly we take everything back to basics to see if there were any ‘quick wins’ that can be implemented without the need for large capital expenditure. We know that simple steps at the beginning of a project can make a massive impact and that’s exactly what we identify and implement.

The Result

What are these simple but yet effective ideas? Management of behavioral change – starting from the top, creating a role in each department of an ‘Energy Champion’, simple checklists, maintenance regimes and lots more.

Even though simple changes are good and usually easy to implement, we needed to ensure that businesses could initially cope with the changes being implemented gradually to avoid resistance.