Our Head Office Energy Monitoring Solution

Our Head Office

Project Details

Client: Our Head Office

Task: Energy Monitoring System

The Background

We recently completed an energy monitoring installation at our head office. Our Landlord and neighbour ‘Blends for Friends’ was fully engaged and on board with the installation as they wanted to understand the overall energy usage for both The Barn (our office space) and the Tea Factory (their own facility). Blends for Friends wanted to be able to utilise the data for individual supplies within their facilities to then potentially implement new energy initiatives.

The Cura Energy Approach

Before installation of these systems, surveys were completed in each building to understand which supplies could be monitored. In The Tea Factory, certain mechanical and HVAC loads were chosen, whilst lighting was to be monitored within both buildings.

In The Barn, we installed the Wibeee system which consists of individual meters that connect to supplies using miniature CTs. The meter itself is programmed using Wi-Fi and acts as a data logger. Each meter can monitor either 3 single phase supplies or 1 three phase supply. 7 Wibeee meters were installed for the lighting supplies in The Barn.

In The Tea Factory, we installed a GSM SIM card system designed by Carlo Gavazzi. This system has individual meter modules connected to a slave unit (data logger) via Modbus. This data logger is connected to a GSM router, which sends the data via a SIM card. 7 x Carlo Gavazzi MV-Type meters were connected to the supplies in the Tea Factory.

Both systems can be accessed remotely using a web interface portal. This portal is of great benefit to the user as it details many crucial pieces of information about their energy usage, including consumption, efficiency, emissions, and more…

The Result

The installations were completed to a high, professional standard. Blends for Friends can now utilise the data from our web portal to gain a better understanding of their buildings' energy consumption, focussing on highlighted areas where energy saving measures can potentially be introduced.

However, this project also proved useful for us as well as our client as it successfully showed us the pros and cons of using both Wi-Fi and SIM Card applications. Trials like these strengthen the accuracy and eligibility of the guidance that we give to our clients, proving our commitment to staying on top of and utilising state-of-the-art products and services for our clients whenever we can.