ASDA Energy Meter Maintenence

ASDA/CITY Facilities Management

Project Details

Client: ASDA/CITY Facilities Management

Task: Sub-Metering Maintenence

The Background

Installing energy metering is a large capital expenditure for any Client and ensuring that this investment has a good payback is essential.

ASDA invested in the upgrade and enhancement of their existing sub metering systems infrastructure to ensure the data being received was accurate and relevant. We were tasked to provide a comprehensive maintenance service for the 600+ sites around the UK, covering electric sub meters, tariff approved, gas and water secondary meters.

We work alongside ASDA's Partner City Facilities Management to collectively provide this service within ASDA Stores.

The Cura Energy Approach

An energy meter maintenance contract was put in place to identify any issues and resolve them by either a remote fix or a site visit by our Energy Engineers.

The Cura Stat Room review weekly reports to identify and target any issues that are associated with the energy monitoring system throughout the ASDA Estate.

We have implemented a robust process to ensure that KPI’s are met and achieved for our Client. Our maintenance team comprises of talented individuals undertaking data analysis and our site based Energy Engineers all working towards ensuring that the data integrity is maintained.

The most important element to our solution is that we understand the data and are not just undertaking site based fixes and then walking away without any validation.

The Result

Our maintenance service and energy monitoring equipment ensures data integrity is maintained and can be utilised for projects, setting energy targets and most importantly understanding consumption throughout the ASDA Estate.

The data reliability is now at 99% proving that maintaining your energy monitoring system does have major benefits.