ASDA Concessions


Project Details

Client: ASDA

Task: Energy Metering

The Background

The project consisted of the installation of tariff approved electric meters and secondary water meters for
Concessions within ASDA’s existing retail stores to allow recharging to tenants.

This energy data is critical and comes with a large capital investment for installation, so naturally our clients want
to ensure their Energy Monitoring systems are always constantly working and accurate . That is why Cura are
tasked with maintaining their effectiveness.

The Cura Energy Approach

The project involved liaising with various business owners across the country and ensuring that they had a full
understanding of the project and what we were trying to achieve. The most critical part of the project was engaging
with the various stakeholders and ensuring that we took into consideration their own business needs and what
approach would work best for them to avoid operational disruption where possible.

We ensured that the project programme dictated the most suitable approach and even though it was subject to
change we still managed to maintain momentum and stay within the overall project timescales and at no additional
cost to the client.

The Result

The installation of the meters allowed the client to review the electrical and water consumption for each business
and can recharge and have a better understanding of their consumption throughout their Estate. The data for both
the electric and water is remotely visible to the Client via an energy portal.